Asking for healing energy

How to apply the ‘technique of asking for energy’

I am a distance healer by profession. I can treat someone from a distance, which has to be paid for. However it is possible to apply a free technique where you make use of the energies that are present in my subconscious mind to break down subconscious blockages in yourself. In this case, you have to invest time in it, but there is the advantage that it’s free, and it can produce good results.
When I am treating a person from a distance, I make use of a kind of energy that is present in my subconscious mind. When someone applies the technique of asking for energy, this same energy is used.

This is how you do it.

When two people think of each other, their subconscious minds make contact with one another. When someone, wherever they are, thinks of me (Charlotte) and asks me: ‘send me energy’ or ‘break my blockages’, the energies in my subconscious mind will perceive this and will consequently move towards you and break off parts of blockages in your subconscious mind. This can be done both for oneself and for someone else.

Please read my book about the subconscious mind and the SLT distance healing technique for a better understanding of why this is possible. SLT stands for Soul Liberation Technique.



.In my view, the subconscious mind is literally present around a person in the form of a negative subtle matter and positive energies. The negative matter takes the form of millions of blockages (e.g. nervousness, feeling insecure, selfishness, bad luck, bad health, being clumsy). Each blockage consist of a certain quantity of this negative subtle matter and consists of a number of layers. A blockage can be broken down layer by layer by means of a healer’s subconscious energies.



You can also apply the technique for somebody else

When you ask me: ‘send energy to my son’ or ‘send energy to my son and help them to overcome his fears’, my energies will move towards both you and your son and they will break off parts of blockages in your subconscious mind and in that of your son.

The energies work on various blockages/issues at the same time, e.g. anxiety, aggressiveness, being rejected, not making enough money, everything is difficult, headaches …

However, the issues that are tackled first are not always the ones that you have asked for or that are the most important for you at that time. What is first available in your subconscious mind, what is present in the upper layers of your subconscious mind, will be treated first, before other issues that are present in deeper layers of your subconscious.

Moreover, it isn’t always easy to apply this technique for a long period of time. It is necessary to be highly motivated and to concentrate deeply. Yet, there are people who apply this technique for a number of hours a day and there are many people who obtain good results with it.

What you may feel when you apply the SL technique of asking for energy

‘SL’ stands for Soul Liberation. Quite a lot of people feel something somewhere (for instance, an energy around them, a warmth, a certain peace of mind, a happy feeling, a tingle, a contact with me, a pressure or another sensation somewhere in the body, emotions, …) as soon as they think of me, but a number of people don’t feel anything. This may make it more difficult for these people to apply the technique since they don’t feel or see anything while they are doing it. However, it works as good for people who don’t feel anything as for those who do feel something or who feel a lot. Many people can apply it well and obtain good results with it, even though the only thing you have to do is to think of me in a concentrated way for a quarter, half an hour, an hour, … on a daily basis or as much as possible.  Children and even very young children (age 5 – 6) can also apply it and achieve results.

Whether you feel something or not while you do this, you may feel better afterwards. For example, when you feel bad, you may feel better after you have applied the technique of asking for energy.
Some people are also relieved of (non-psychosomatic) physical pain by this technique, although in most cases those results are only temporary. When this happens, the matter of the blockages isn’t destroyed. The pain diminishes because painkilling energies affect the nervous system. Physical pain is a pain that results from an inflammation, an injury, etc., unlike psychosomatic pain, which is due to blockages. When blockages that cause a psychosomatic pain are broken down, this pain will also be relieved, and this will be permanent.


You can use a picture of me

When you apply the technique of asking for energy, it is usually easier to make contact with me if you have a picture of me at hand. If you apply the SL technique ‘asking for energy’ for somebody else, it may be of help to put a picture of me in front of you, next to a picture of the person for whom you ask for help.


‘How to apply the SL technique of asking for energy’?

Whether or not you have my picture at hand, you should concentrate on me and ask me: ‘Charlotte, send me energy’ or ‘Charlotte, send me energy to remedy problem X’.

When you do it for someone else, you can ask: ‘Charlotte, send energy to person Y’ or ‘Charlotte, send energy to person Y to remedy problem Z’.

The questions should be repeated in order to keep contact with me.

The formula ‘send me energy’ is the best one for some people, the formula ‘send me energy and help me with problem x’ can work better for others.

Other variations are:
Help me, send me energy, destroy my blockages.
Help me (or person X) with problem X, Y, Z …
Send energy and help me with …
Remove my blockages (or blocks).

You can also make a list of all the issues that are important to you and put this in front of you and have a look at it regularly while you apply this technique. And then you say: ‘I have this or that problem… help me, send me energy’.
For example:
Break the blockage of my food addiction.
Remove the blockages (blocks) concerning the rows with my mother.
Send energy to Peter (if he is your son) for his aggressiveness and his headaches.
Help Monica (your daughter) to become more self-confident. And also help her find a good job. And also help her to be more patient with her children …

Another possibility is that you think of me and that you hold a conversation with me, you talk about your problems or about those of somebody else and you ask: ‘Help me, send me energy’, or ‘Help Linda (your wife), send her energy.’

You can think of me and imagine that the problem has been solved, e.g. you dare to address a group of people and you make a good impression.

Or: ‘Charlotte, help me with my stage fright (and imagine the fear you feel when you are standing in front of an audience) and help me to give a convincing lecture (imagine yourself doing that)’ and meanwhile ask me: ‘Send me energy, work on me, break my blockages.’

Summing up your problems only helps to concentrate on the process and it doesn’t mean that the problems for which you ask help are treated first. This is a disadvantage of the technique of asking for energy compared to the distance treatment performed by myself. A certain problem can’t be treated in a direct way by way of the method of asking for energy. Issues that are located in the upper layers of the subconscious mind are affected first, even if you ask for help for specific problems.

Hence one doesn’t apply this technique in order to quickly solve a certain problem, but in order to evolve in general.


‘Schematic representation of the SL technique of asking for energy’

The picture below represents two people applying the method of asking for energy from a distance. They are concentrating on me while they are asking me for energy or they are asking for energy while they are thinking of a certain issue. My energies perceive that these people are thinking of me and move to these people and work on several issues. In the picture you see my subsouls (this is a certain kind of energy present in the subconscious) sending a beam of energy to the people from a distance. This beam/wave of energy destroys the matter of which the blockages consist. The subsouls sometimes also move to the place where these people are. There are two forms of energy that work on the people: the subsouls and ‘the energies’. The energies are also physically present with the people (this is not represented in the picture). The word ‘subsouls’ that is used in the picture, refers to a specific kind of energy in the subconscious. The word ‘energy’ refers to another kind of energy in the subconscious. For a better understanding of this, please read my book.


SL technique of asking for energy for oneself, the person concentrates on the soul liberator (in this case this is me)

This picture is a schematic representation of two people who are thinking of the soul liberator, as a result of which the energies of the latter move towards them and works on their blockages.


SL technique of asking for energy, the person concentrates both on the soul liberator and on the person for whom he asks for help.

This picture is a schematic representation of a person A who is thinking of the soul liberator and of a person B for whom he wants to receive help. The energies of the soul liberator work both on person A and on person B.


Be alert to all possible changes

It’s important for you to be alert to the various changes that occur and not just concentrate on one issue, because this issue may be located in deeper layers, and won’t change much in the short term. An issue that is located in deeper layers will not change much until the issues in the upper layers have been peeled off first.

When you apply the technique of asking for energy, my energies will move to various blockages (or issues) in your subconscious mind and break off pieces from them. When you concentrate on a certain issue, it may be affected, or maybe not. And even if it is affected, it may still take longer to improve than other issues, because the matter that has to be peeled off with regard to this specific issue may be much larger than that of other issues and because this specific issue may be located in much deeper layers in the subconscious mind. Consequently, it takes many more hours of work to break this matter down.

Sometimes almost all the layers of a blockage have to be peeled off before a change occurs. There may sometimes be a temporary improvement because a number of layers have been peeled off, but then the problem will crop up later on. In that case, the treatment has to be continued for the next layers to be destroyed.

We aim to spend a lot of time to this technique There are a great many blockages in the subconscious mind and they consist of large amounts of matter and it takes many hours of work to break them down.

It is important for you to carefully fill out the questionnaire before starting with the technique ‘asking for energy’. Additional issues that are noticed at a later point in time have to be added in the questionnaire as well. This is important because this gives you an overview of the situation at the start of the treatment, which makes it easier to assess the results.

It also helps to keep a diary.

If you notice any changes, it’s important to write them down immediately.

Changes may occur quickly in the beginning, and occur less quickly after some time. That is because the blockages that consist of small amounts of matter change quickly. Once they have been removed, the blockages that are much larger and that take much longer to peel off are dealt with. In times when there are few results, you can draw courage from the changes you have already written down.


Assessment of results

Write down the number of hours you work per day and after 50 hours, take a look at what you have answered in the questionnaire and/or your diary. Write down the changes in a different colour. That helps you to make a correct assessment of the results. Like I said before, it is not always the issues that are the most important to you that change first. For a correct assessment of the results, all of the results have to be viewed and not just one or a few issues. You should be happy with the things that change first and remember that the other issues will improve as well at a later point in time. You can draw courage from the changes that have already occurred and don’t focus on the results that have not yet been achieved, but just continue with the technique.

If there is very little or no improvement at all after 20 hours or after maximum 50 hours, this means that you belong to the ‘slow group’ (25% of the people, see my book for a better understanding of this, there is much more matter that has to be peeled off in 25% of the people). The best thing you can do then, is to apply the SL technique of asking for energy for as many hours as possible every day (in combination with listening to sounds and music), because, even if you do not see any results, there are pieces of blockages that are being peeled off in the subconscious mind. If you continue with the treatment for a few years, you will achieve results. Of course, it is very hard to carry on if there is hardly any change or none at all and if you do not know anybody else who has achieved good results with the SL technique ‘asking for energy’.

There are people who can only do this for 10 minutes at most in the beginning, but with some practice it will be possible to apply the treatment for a longer period of time.

It is also possible to apply this technique while doing something else, (many people do this), e.g. while doing the ironing or mowing the lawn, or on the train. Nevertheless it is preferable that you find the time to do nothing else but applying this technique on a daily basis.


A wonderful tip to fall asleep

Quite a lot of people have reported that sleep comes much more easily and that they sleep better during the night when they apply the SL technique of asking for energy. Sleep is deeper, and one tends to awaken less during the night and have a more peaceful sleep. When people awake at night, this technique speeds up falling asleep again.

There are also people who feel more awake when they apply this technique, so obviously for these people, it’s not a good idea to do this before going to sleep.

Another tip to stop smoking: some people have reported that when the urge to smoke a cigarette came up, the urge to smoke disappears or diminishes when they apply this technique. Some people even managed to stop smoking with the help of the SL technique of asking for energy.


Asking for help

This is also a psychic method. My psychic energies can be used to help and support you in a difficult situation or to find a solution to a problem. Not all situations or problems can be helped or solved in this way, but sometimes unexpected help is experienced or unexpected solutions are found.

About me

My name is Charlotte. I worked as a regression therapist when I spontaneously started to develop psychic abilities. I started to perceive certain things that are normally invisible. I realized that I was able to perceive man’s subconscious mind, which seems to be present around man and animal, and that I had access to it. This is not the aura. Although the notion of the ‘subconscious mind’ is well-known, its location and its composition aren’t. This subconscious mind consists both of negative elements (matter) and positive elements (energies). Next, I developed a method to remove these negative elements and to release suppressed positive elements in the process. I called this method SLT: Soul Liberation Technique. SLT is a technique for improving personality and life that treats people from a distance. The Soul Liberator who applies this technique, makes use of energies present in his of her own subconscious mind in order to remove negative elements from the treated person’s subconscious mind, meanwhile releasing suppressed positive elements. For example: anxiety is removed (bit by bit) and self-confidence is released; egoism is removed and love is released; disease is removed and health is released; being prone to setbacks is removed and the aptitude for attracting good luck is released; clumsiness is removed and dexterity is released; religious fanaticism and sticking to dogma is removed and open-mindedness and flexibility are released.

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