Asking for help

Techniques that you can apply for solving problems in your life, by making use of the powers in my (Charlotte) subconscious mind


When you think of me (= focus on me) and ask me for help from a distance (wherever you are) the energies and subsouls in my subconscious mind will perceive this (from a distance) and will come towards you to help you.

A subsoul is a certain kind of energy that is present in the subconscious mind. For more information about subsouls and energies, please read my book “The subconscious mind around man, and how it determines personality and life”.

There are four different ways in which my energies/subsouls can help you.

1. Receiving help when you’re looking for a solution to a problem

When you’re facing a situation for which you don’t find a solution, for example: you can’t find a job, or you are being underpaid, or you’re in an unhappy relationship, or you’re on your own and there is no one to help you, then you can appeal to me. You can ask for help to find a solution for this situation.

When you ask me for help, you make contact with my subconscious mind, in which there are powers (energies and subsouls) that will come to your aid. They will see to the situation and come into action in order to find a solution for your problem.

How to proceed

You focus on me for fifteen minutes or longer, preferably at least twice a day. During this quarter of an hour you have to ask for a solution to your problem. You have to stick to it for a few weeks or maybe even a few months, depending on the level of difficulty of the problem. It’s not always possible to find a solution for every situation in a short term.

Not every situation can be solved this way, because sometimes there’s no solution possible. And maybe I don’t yet have the right powers available in my subconscious mind to solve your situation, or maybe my power is not yet sufficient, so that your problem can’t immediately be solved this way. If you find this to be true, then have another try in a year or so, and maybe then you’ll feel that you are being helped.
This is possible because I continue to work on myself in order to remove blockages (or blocks) from my subconscious mind, whereby increasingly more energies and subsouls are being released from under these blockages. The more powers like this are released in myself, the more I will be able to offer help by way of this technique of asking me for help to find a solution.

2. Support when performing a difficult task

When you have a difficult job to do, or when you fear something you have to do, or when you want to lose weight or stop smoking, then you can ask me for help in order to make the best out of this difficult situation. You have to ask me for help at the moment when the situation occurs, or some time before if there is no other way, for example, before a job interview. Anyhow, try to ask for help during the situation as much as possible, for example when you feel the urge to eat or smoke, to overcome the urge.

You can also ask for help in order to do something as well as you possibly can, to stick to it, to receive support. The powers that are in my subconscious mind will then be with you. They will give you courage and perseverance, they will support you and help you to get through the situation as well as possible.

3. Diminishing or removing pain

This can only be applied if the pain is purely somatic and not psychosomatic. For example, toothache is a somatic pain, as well as pain after an operation, or pain after a fall, pain from a wound, from a disease (for example cancer, infections). Psychosomatic pains are pains that find their origin in the subconscious mind and that your doctor can’t explain and the cause of which is not visible on X-rays. For psychosomatic pains to be removed, the blockages in your subconscious mind have to be removed with the SL technique.

When you apply this technique of asking for help, your pain will be removed only temporarily. When the pain returns, you once again have to ask for help for diminishing or removing your pain.

Not everybody is helped with this method, but a number of people are.

4. Self-help technique (see SL technique ‘asking for help‘)

This SL technique of ‘asking for help’ is the most important technique of all. The goal of this technique is to remove negative subconscious material (blockages, blocks) and release positive suppressed energies in the process. It is important to apply this technique for as many hours as possible.  If you do it for one to two hours a day, for the rest of your life, you will feel much better, you will be a much happier and better, a more loving person, you will be much healthier, you will have a much better life and things will run much more smoothly in your life. If you react slowly to the treatment, it will take longer and more hours to achieve this, but if you don’t give up, you will get there too.

The goal of the SL self-help technique is to be fully liberated from the (negative part of) the subconscious mind, and not only to be freed from a number of problems.  That’s why it is important to continue doing it.

The purpose of this SL self-help method is to break down blockages in your own subconscious mind by way of powers present in my subconscious mind, which will move towards you and work on your subconscious mind. This is the most important technique of all, because with this technique the cause of problems can be removed, and talents in yourself can be released, so that you will be able to move your life in the right direction by yourself and you no longer will have to appeal to another person’s energies.

You can also apply the SL technique ‘asking for energy’ whenever you feel bad, in order to feel better, and you can also do it for another person.

You should do this technique for as many hours as possible.



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