Can your subconscious mind control you

In my opinion (Charlotte), the subconscious mind is all about control, it controls your personality, your beliefs, your health, your abilities, your emotions, what happens in your life, the circumstances that you experience in your life. The subconscious mind decides for us, we are the victims of our subconscious minds.

How to change this control, or how to change beliefs in subconscious mind: by removing blockages in the subconscious mind that hold certain beliefs and releasing suppressed positive qualities in this process that can steer our life in a positive direction. Have a look at my subconscious mind book or self growth book for an explanation about this.

There are real life example (distance) treatments described in my book of three people with psychological and physical problems. There are a lot of subconscious mind examples (description of subconscious behavior/patterns). Other denominations for the example healing treatments are: personal growth examples, self-development examples, self-improvement examples, personal development examples, personality development examples.

Have a look at the homepage for an overview of the psychotherapy exercises, or personality development exercises. Other terms to describe these exercises are: self-improvement exercises, self-development exercises, personal growth exercises, subconscious mind exercises, subconscious mind healing techniques, or self-realization meditation.

Have a look at how to release suppressed emotions, or in other words,have a look at the build confidence exercises, or improve self-esteem exercises, or change subconscious beliefs exercises, or change subconscious mind exercises, or reprogram subconscious mind exercises, or change subconscious behavior exercises. Have a look at anger self-help technique, or how to release repressed anger, or how to let go of anger and forgive, or emotional release techniques. Have a look at my anger self-help book.

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How does the subconscious mind work book, what is subconscious mind book, the book explains what is subconscious mind and how to attain soul liberation.

In my book I present a new view on psychology subconscious mind. Psychology gives a description of mental disorders and human behavior. According to my views, subconscious behavior or subconscious programs are the cause of all human behavior. Psychology doesn’t know what is the subconscious mind and where is it located and what does it consist of and how it controls our personality and life, our health, our abilities and what happens in our life. We have no free will, the subconscious mind takes the decisions for us. The distance healing technique and the self-help exercises described in my book are all about how to regain our free will, about how to regain self-control, of how to escape the control or the programming of the subconscious mind, about self-realization, about soul liberation. It’s about how to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Psychology describes behavior, my theories are about what is the cause of behavior and the technique described in my book is about how to change behavior. The distance healing technique is in fact a psychic psychotherapeutic technique. The book contains also two psychotherapy self-help exercises: how to release emotions and regression therapy.

The subconscious mind is literally present around a person. Have a look at this image about the subconscious mind to have a better understanding of this.

Subconscious mind image

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