Reprogramming the subconscious mind

When there is talk about how to reprogramme the subconscious mind, people think of techniques like hypnosis, subliminal messages, affirmations, visualization techniques, positive thinking ….

But these techniques cannot really reprogram the subconscious mind, because even if there are results, as what can happen with hypnotherapy, the results are only temporary, they do not last. Visualization techniques, affirmations, techniques that make use of subliminal messages, positive thinking, … can give you hope (for a while), but they cannot really change your subconscious mind, they cannot really change subconscious beliefs, they cannot really change a personality or a mental problem or a situation. They cannot bring about a lasting change. These methods give you something to hold onto, because you believe that you have found something that will make your life better, or make a problem go away, but this is only false hope, these techniques cannot really reprogramme your subconscious mind. They can help you to feel more confident (temporarily), or have a better self-image, or have a belief that you will be successful, as long as you believe that these techniques will help you, but they don’t really reprogram your subconscious mind.

If you hold on to these techniques, in the long term, only disillusion will follow. Except for hypnosis (temporarily), hypnotherapy can really have a result for the better, but the results don’t last for ever, the problem that you tried to solve will come back eventually. This is because reprogramming your subconscious mind takes much more than putting some positive ideas or some positive images into your subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind itself is a program, and it is present around a person. The subconscious mind is widely known to exist, and it is widely known to have an influence on your life, but it is not known what subconscious mind programming really entails. Subconscious programming is already present in the subconscious mind from birth on, and subconscious reprogramming can only be effective if the original subconscious programming is destroyed. Otherwise you can only temporarily have an influence by putting some positive ideas on top of the already existing subconscious mind programming. Hypnosis, visualization techniques, positive thinking, affirmations, subliminal messages do not destroy the original subconscious programming, the original programming stays intact. It can only be temporarily influenced (with hypnosis, which of course is something positive, the other techniques only give you hope), but in the long term, the original programming will win and take over control again, and the preexisting situation will return.

How does the subconscious mind work, what is the subconscious mind

Let me give you some examples of subconscious programming. In my book about how the subconscious mind controls you and a distant healing technique for soul liberation there is a description of the subconscious mind of a psychopath/conman and an autistic boy.

These programmings or blockages/blocks are responsible for the behavior of the conman, or the autistic person, it’s not the person’s free will that is causing the behavior, or in the case of autism, the brain or the genes that is causing the behavior, it’s programs in the subconscious mind (that is present around a person in the form of subtle matter from birth on (or rather from past lives on).

  1. Examples of subconscious programming of a conman:
  • You only feel good when you are swindling. When you swindle, you are a gentleman, because then you have the other in your power. When you are not swindling, you are nobody. When you are not swindling, you are nothing. When you are not swindling, you are subjected, you are the plaything of society. This is accompanied by a feeling of fear of that, hence the swindling.
  • ‘You must con everyone, no one may escape it’. He considers it a matter of honour to con everyone. If he doesn’t succeed, he’s off balance, even if one single person escapes, he’s off balance. Then he’ll con someone else as a revenge, as soon as possible and as often as possible and as much as possible, in order to compensate the loss. Everyone must be conned. He can’t live with failure, because everyone must be able to discover what a master-conman he is. If he can’t con, then they don’t know he’s a conman and then there are fewer people who know this and he can’t live with that.
  • Do to others what you want, they are nothing but useless objects that you throw away after use. You don’t have to assume responsibility towards anyone, they aren’t worth that much. They are merely useless people that you may use as you see fit.
  • You don’t have to take any responsibility. Back out of any obligation, don’t live according to the rules of society. They can only deprive you of your freedom. Don’t toe the line like those other fools. Show that you are different and that you don’t get trapped in those rules. Show that you are above that and that you do anything you want.
  • Being unable to stand rules and laws. Feeling as if he no longer exists when he has to submit to rules and laws.
  • A compulsion to do things differently than what is stipulated by the laws.
  • The rules are unimportant, they only make your life a misery. Only you are important, you are central, your happiness is central. Rules only deprive you of your happiness. Break the rules, poke fun at the rules, show the others that you trample on the laws. Show the others that the rules don’t imprison you, show the others how important you are by ignoring all the rules.

2. Examples of subconscious programming of an autistic boy:

  • Contact with other people is felt as unpleasant, wanting to avoid contact, wanting to be cut off from the rest.
  • Feeling uncomfortable and afraid in interactions with other people, not knowing what to do in interactions with other people. Withdrawing into himself is the solution, because then he feels safe.
  • Fear of people.
  • He will never go up to someone, the thought doesn’t occur to him. He just stands there waiting. It doesn’t occur to him to make contact. Quite the opposite, he has a strong inclination to withdraw. He doesn’t like people seeking contact with him. He prefers to just stand there, that’s when he feels the best.
  • Being very focused on oneself, being very focused on one’s own interests, being highly self-oriented. Showing little interest in other people, not being interested in anyone except oneself (= selfishness).
  • There is no communication, there is a distance from other people. Everybody lives on one’s own, there is no mental connection with other people.
  • When somebody speaks to him, he goes into some kind of trance. He shifts into a world where he can’t hear what is said, where he withdraws into himself. He can’t listen, he can’t pay attention when somebody speaks. He shifts into a state of absence from the world.
  • You can only understand yourself. You can’t understand what others feel.
  • You can’t understand what other people think.
  • You can’t understand the world of other people.
  • You can’t understand facial expressions. (This pattern makes him react in an unexpected manner, for instance, it makes him smile when somebody is angry).
  • You don’t feel a connection with others. You are in your own world, you are tied to yourself.
  • What other people say, is incomprehensible, it doesn’t register with you. You can’t reply.
  • You can’t defend yourself, you don’t know how. This pattern (programming) also includes an image of standing and waiting forlornly.
  • Feeling alone, feeling at a great distance from the others. Staying there, not being able to make contact.
  • When he wants to ask something, he can’t. He is overwhelmed by fear. He’s overwhelmed by a feeling of helplessness and of not knowing how to do this (asking for something) and he just stands there paralyzed.
  • He is completely absorbed in his own world, he is deeply introverted. He is cut off from the world and from the others. He is not interested in the others. He is not interested in what happens to other people. He is not interested in what other people feel. The only thing he knows and feels is himself. He is glued to himself.
  • Everything hits you, everything is frustrating.
  • You cannot bear that something is cut short, something (an action) has to be continuous. An action mustn’t stop prematurely, an action must have a beginning and a normal end. An action that is cut short or interrupted, creates an unbearable feeling of frustration. Only shouting and hitting and stamping your feet can relieve this unbearable, unpleasant feeling. Shouting, hitting and stamping your feet makes this highly unpleasant feeling fade away.
  • Things may only happen this way and not any other way. Because of this pattern, Tim always has a certain expectation of how things will go and he doesn’t take into account any other possibility. In his mind, there is only one way and that way is a matter of course. When something happens in another way, that is so unexpected and unbearable that he feels terrible frustration, which he expresses by getting furious.
  • Nothing may change, everything must stay as it is. Nothing may change, things must always stay the same, otherwise there is frustration.

The subconscious mind also contains a positive substance, which I call ‘energies’. For every positive quality that a person can have, there is a different energy responsible for it. The energies, when they are free and not suppressed by the blockages, are present around a person.

A few examples of energies are:

Energies for having wide-ranging interests

  • There is an energy of versatility, of wanting to taste everything. The ability to break free from one subject or given course and choose something different, being able to take a different direction. The ability to assume various points of view, the ability to adapt to something new. Experiencing something that is different from the well-known pattern as enjoyable, longing for something different and for new experiences.
  • There is a energy of curiosity, of wanting to explore new worlds, of wanting to learn.

Energies for intelligence, for having a feeling for mathematics and logical thinking

  • There is an energy of insight, knowledge. The ability to see logical structures, the ability to see a coherence, order. The ability to see separate parts and how they fit in the whole picture. The ability to see the whole picture, the ability to relocate elements of an entirety into another logical unit. The ability to make combinations of elements in order to come to lots of entireties. A feeling of how things fit together and how they are interconnected and interact.
  • There is also an energy that feeds the brain.
  • An energy has control over the brain, brings about quick processing in the brain, it adds an energy to the brain for optimal functioning.
  • There is an energy that thinks and that reasons logically. It has knowledge and it knows, it can find connections and see the right relations.

Energies for being interested in personality development, in evolving, to want to get the absolute most out of oneself

  • There is an energy that knows that we’re nothing here on this planet, a knowing that this isn’t our destiny and that there is something else. There is a knowing that we got from something higher to a lower level, a knowing that there’s much more inside us than what we know here on this planet and the desire to return to the original high level.
  • Many energies want him to be released (from the blockages) and want him to reach his full potential and guide him towards things that can help him to be released.

Energies for being a good listener

  • There is an energy of empathizing with others, of giving full attention to others, of being interested in others and wanting to help, of interest in others, of hearing well (not physically, but with the mind), being open-minded towards others, love for others, and concentration. (This energy combines all these qualities).
  • An energy has control of the conversation and steers her in conversations and causes her to be intensely open to the other person and to listen and to pay attention to the other person.

Energies for being diplomatic

  • There is an energy that has the following qualities: weighing the pros and cons, looking at things from different perspectives, trying to see all points of view, listening to the arguments, making a decision that is acceptable to all parties, conveying it gently and tactfully to someone, wanting to be gentle and impartial, being very careful when pointing out a negative quality in someone, always wanting to pep up the other person’s self-esteem, also when expressing a more negative trait of someone, not wanting to hurt anyone, delicacy, being alert to other people’s sensitivities, never leaving the other person feeling bad, wanting to make everyone feel like they are worthy of love, like they have value, like they are important.
  • The energy responsible for this, is the same as in ‘I’m a good listener’

Distant healing for soul liberation

When a person has a problem or a difficult life, this means that the energies that cause a positive situation, are suppressed by programs (blockages, blocks) in the subconscious mind. The programs have to be removed and the underlying energies have to be freed for a problem to be solved for ever, instead of temporarily.

That is what the distance healing technique that I developed does: remove blockages/blocks/programming and free suppressed energy that hold positive qualities. The aim of this distance energy healing is removing the whole of the programming and release all the suppressed energy. This is a lifelong way and leads to soul liberation. According to my beliefs, the soul was originally free from blockages and reincarnation and got trapped in an evil program, which is the subconscious mind. Reincarnation is the result of the evil program that is the subconscious mind and serves no purpose. We are not here to learn lessons like the new age people believe. We have no purpose here on earth or no task to perform. These ideas are the result of the subconscious programmes, and are not the truth. Truth is the result of energies.

New age people don’t have the truth, their whole way of thinking, their whole belief system is the result of subconscious programming. The belief in guides and angels also comes from the subconscious mind, and even if a person really sees guides or angels or gets messages from them, this is caused by subconscious programming. As soon as the programming is removed, the phenomena will be gone. There will be no more guides or angels.

In the image below is a representation of a person surrounded with his subconscious mind, with the programs, or blockages.

In the image below is a representation of a person surrounded with energies (this is another part of the subconscious mind). In reality, as the situation in the world is now, few energies are still present, and people act almost for a hundred percent on the basis of subconscious programming.

Free self-help techniques to remove subconscious blockages.

Instead of receiving distance energy healing from a distance healer (or remote healing, or absent healing), there are ‘free subconscious mind healing techniques’ (free psychotherapy techniques/exercises and free distant healing and self-realization meditation) available. Have a look at the subconscious mind exercises described on this website.

The psychotherapy exercises are “release emotions” and “regression (or reincarnation) therapy“. Does psychotherapy work? There is no question that it does, psychotherapy exercises produce changes, you have to invest some time into it, but psychotherapy does work. Not all psychotherapy treatments produce the same results, but the two kinds of psychotherapy self-treatments that are described on this site are valuable.

The psychotherapy exercise of ‘release emotions’ can be used to eliminate/release negative feelings or negative thoughts, or repressed feelings, like repressed anger. If you want to learn how to release repressed anger, and other negative feelings, have a read and try it. Don’t give up immediately, but try it again and again until you get the hang of it.

The regression/reincarnation therapy is not always easy to do by yourself, but some people are successful doing it. The aim is to go back to the past, to incidents that happened in this life, and sometimes in past lives, to bring repressed incidents to the surface and in this process release suppressed negative subconscious material. This brings about changes in the present. Some people are successful in regressing to past lives, but for most people, this is not that easy to attain.

The self-realization meditation is preferably done with two people, but you can do it on your own too, although more subconscious material is peeled off when you do it together with another person. Self-realization means improving yourself and your life, in this case by means of techniques that peel off blockages. If you peel off sufficient blockages, you will improve yourself, which is another expression for self-realization. The technique of two people looking at each other (it’s a form of meditation, but it’s more powerful than meditation because if peels off more subconscious material) is powerful for removing negative subconscious material.

For the free absent healing technique, you have to concentrate on me and ask for help to remove your blockages. This technique may seem a bit strange for some people, but I can guarantee that it works. I am a distance healer by profession and I use energies that are present in my subconscious mind when I treat people at a distance. When you ask for help to remove subconscious blocks in yourself, the energies in my subconscious mind perceive this and they move towards you and work on your subconscious mind.

And then the most important technique of all is listening to certain sounds and certain music that peel off subconscious blockages. Certain sounds and certain music have a big influence on the subconscious mind. The right sounds and music can peel off big peaces from subconscious programmes. Have a look at the explanation: subconscious mind music.

My two free psychotherapy and healing techniques books can be read online: free psychotherapy book and free energy healing techniques book.