Two people facing each other

Two people sitting in front of each other and looking at each other, or one person looking at oneself in the mirror

This is a technique that can be applied by almost everyone, except when one really has problems concentrating, when there are too many thoughts, feelings or images coming up in your mind that you can’t break free from. Then first try to apply the technique of making sentences, and listen to the sound and music videos as much as possible. And try again later.

Two people have to sit in front of each other, at half a metre up to a metre distance from each other. Make sure that you are relaxed and simply look at the other person. This is the only thing you have to do. It may feel a little awkward at first. It may be difficult to look at the other person, or to look the other person in the eye, or you might have to laugh. Just let this pass by and then try again to look at the person in front of you in a calm and relaxed way. After some time, you will usually succeed in doing this.

When applying this technique, thoughts, feelings or images may come to your mind. These are usual, everyday thoughts. Try to pay as little attention to them as possible, and again try to concentrate on the person in front of you.

If you succeed fairly well to keep your attention focused on the other person, for example for half an hour to an hour, subconscious material will have been peeled off in that period of time. This method is more powerful than meditation, and it peels off more subconscious material than meditation in the same period of time. I know this because I have psychic abilities that enable me to perceive the amount of subconscious material that is being peeled off when I apply this technique myself. Personally, I don’t find meditation to be a powerful technique for peeling off subconscious material. Meditation may well offer other benefits. But if you want to evolve as a person, then you’d better apply the technique of ‘sitting in front of one another’ instead of meditation.  This is my personal opinion, and nobody has to agree with it. If you are alone, you can also apply this technique on your own, while sitting in front of the mirror and continuing to look at yourself in the mirror. This is less powerful than when two people are doing it together, but it is more powerful than most meditation techniques.

While doing this, you might feel light sensations in your body, or emotions, memories, images (different from those that normally come to your mind) may come up, but usually disappear again. Examples of physical sensations are: tingling, prickling, a light pressure, a light pain, a rumbling in your stomach, the feeling that something is pulling out of your body.
You may also see images of other faces on the face of the other person. Simply let this go by, and continue to aim your attention on the other person.

remove subconscious blockages

remove subconscious blocks