Self-help techniques for self-growth

There is no denying that there is a lot of misery in the world. According to my views, the origin of suffering is to be found in the subconscious mind.

Consequently, if changes could be brought about in people’s subconscious minds on a large scale, both the lives of these people and the world would improve.

Here is some good news. It is possible to improve people’s lives by removing negative programmes (or blockages, blocks) from their subconscious minds, which dictate their personality and lives.

One very interesting technique that can help to achieve this, is listening to certain sounds and certain music that have the ability to break down negative subconscious material. This will gradually result in the improvement of behaviour, the reduction of psychological and physical problems and the general improvement of people’s lives.

There are six self-help techniques described on this site, of which the sound and music technique is the most important one. The reason is that it’s a powerful tool for breaking down negative subconscious material (= blockages, blocks), it can be accessed by everyone, it’s free, the sounds and music can be played night and day at a low volume in the background, and it is not time-consuming. It can be played for the whole family, in the office, and for animals. Animals also have a subconscious mind and they need help too. It’s advisable to interrupt the listening every now and then to spare your ears.   

You can listen to these sounds and music on your pc if it is powered by a fixed internet connection, or you can make use of a radio that allows the use of a USB flash drive. Do not use headphones. Do not play these sounds and music on devices that use Wi-Fi. Look for another solution. I believe that Wi-Fi may harm your health.

The subconscious mind differs greatly from one person to another. Because of this, results will come much faster in some people than in others. If you don’t experience many changes, then ask other people about their experiences. In order to stay motivated to listen to the sounds and music, it’s good to hear of other people’s changes. Even when results don’t come easily for you, it’s important to continue playing the sounds and music, because changes will come eventually.

On this site, there are five self-help techniques to remove negative subconscious material or ‘blockages/blocks’ in yourself. The subconscious blockages are the source of anxiety, lack of empathic abilities, low self-confidence, obsession, addiction, bad relationships, concentration problems, prejudices, bigotry, sleeping problems, selfishness, clumsiness, being prone to bad luck, being prone to disease, etc. Removing this negative subconscious material gives rise to all kinds of benefits, for example, your personality improves (for example, you become more broad-minded), psychological problems diminish, your health improves, your ability and success in life increase, …

5 different techniques

Discharging emotions

Make a sentence that describes a certain emotion and repeat this sentence until there is a change. Then make another sentence.

Sound and music

Certain sounds and certain music have the ability to remove subconscious blockages (by having them peeled off little by little). The only requisite is to play these sounds and music in the background as much as possible.

Two people facing each other

This technique involves two people facing each other and looking at each other for a while (for example for half an hour). However strange this may sound, this method helps to remove subconscious blockages. This can also be done on one’s own whilst looking in the mirror.

Asking for energy

This is a psychic method. I am a psychic and a distance healer. With this technique, energies that are present in my subconscious mind are used to remove blockages in your own subconscious mind. This method can also be applied for the benefit of another person, for example your child, or for an animal.


This technique is about recalling things from the past in order to remove past negative experiences that still have an influence on the present. This technique is not always easy to perform. Not everyone will be able to apply this technique on their own. However, a number of people will find this technique to be useful.

Evaluation of results

It is motivational when changes are perceived as a result of the application of one or more of these techniques. However, it is not always easy to perceive all the changes that have occurred. It may help to write things down. You can either keep a diary or fill out the questionnaire or do both. If you are serious about applying some or all of these self-help techniques, I strongly advise you to at least keep a diary.

In doing so, write down what happens in your life, and how this makes you feel. Write down your behaviour, your thoughts and feelings. Write about your problems. Write about your fears, your obsessions, your convictions, your relationships, your work, your health, … Write about how you treat others and how you are treated by others. Write down the things you do and the things you don’t do, the things you should do that you don’t do, and the things you shouldn’t do that you do. Write down the things you are good at and the things you are not good at. Write down what you think of others. Write down your preoccupations. Write down the things you believe you do wrong, or the things you do well or the things you should do better.
Write down everything you can think of concerning your personality and life.


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